Outbox Sending Errors______

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I tried sending a .mov file and it didnt send. Now the whole outlook is running slow and I cant stop or delete it. What can i do to delete this file?


Try the below steps to delete the email/.mov file stuck in outbox.

1. Click "File" and check "Work Offline."

2. Then close and restart Outlook.

3. Delete the message/.mov file.

4. Click "File" and uncheck "Work Offline".

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

What is that size of the attachment that you tried to send?

I suppose, it"s a huge file and that"s that reason why is stuck in Outbox.

Do try the steps suggested by Naveen. If the issue still persists then try the steps mentioned below.

1) Create a new PST file for Outlook

2) Set the new PST file as default for Outlook

3) Close and open Outlook

4) Now try to delete the mail that is stuck in the "Outbox" of the old mail

5) Set the old PST file as default back again

6) Close and open Outlook
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