Error when moving messages from one IMAP folder to another.

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I am receiving an error when moving a message from IMAP inbox to an IMAP subfolder. The error numbers change, but this is the message:

Cannot move the items. pegx OK [COPYUID 277327926 97085 7]

The message moves, but the email is not marked for deletion, therefore, I receive the error.

The install was from Microsoft's Volume Licensing. I've installed the software on 2 computers and it occurs on both. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it still occurs. I've also downloaded and installed the latest update from Microsoft and it still occurs. Others have reported the same issue, but Microsoft still does not have a solution on their website for this problem. HELP

Brian Tillman

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I would suspect that Outlook and the IMAP server aren't quite agreeing on the IMAP protocol. Enable diagnostic logging and examine the logs to see if the IMAP commands are appropriate.



I am getting this same error and have no idea how to read the log of the imap command. Any ideas how to fix this? It's crippling not being able to move messages without an error every time.
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