Appointments with externel contact are send in textformat

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We use a single Exchange 2010 Server in our organisation with Outlook 2007 as mailclient. We now have the problem that appointments with external contact are only send as a textmail. Even the internal reciepients receive the message in textfomat so the it is not possible to accept or decline the appointment. When you only invite internal reciepients everything is OK.

It also seems that not every user is affected with this symtoms. When I use my own account I dicover no problems.

I checked if my user has any different permission or is affected by different policies, but I can not find any differences.

I also checked the Exchange Server message tracking and discoverd a difference between my account an the other accounts:
My account shows the following steps:
TRANSFER ROUTING ContentConversion

Acoounts with problems show the following steps:
I don't now why the Exchange Server handles the messages in a different way. Does anybody now what I can do to solve this problem?


After some research I found out that the mails with the appointment that are shown only in text are only processed by the SMTP transport. Do I have to change something in the hub transport configuration?


Do the recipients that are having a problem have an email address in a different domain than the ones that aren't having the problem?

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No, they do have the same sender Domain. We do use two domains in our mail environment. But senders with both sender domains do have the problem.


After a lot more research and testing I finally found out that the problem was caused by GFI MailEssentials 2010. We are using MailEssential also to add disclaimers to our outgoing mails. Today I discovered that only users which were sending the disclaimer had the problems with outlook meetings. So I contaced GFI and ask for a solution and here it is.
GFI is adding the disclaimer also to the mails with meeting request which in some kind "destroys" the request. To prevent GFI from doing this you have to do the following steps:
Configuring disclaimer for Outlook appointment and meeting requests:
1. Open MailEssentials\Data\product.config in a text editor;
2. Add the following line:
<add key="DisableOLMeetingDisclaimer" value="1"/> as the last key on the line before the closing </appSettings> tag.
A value of "1" means that disclaimers will not be added to Outlook appointment and meeting requests.
A value of "0" means that disclaimers will be added to Outlook appointment and meeting requests. Note that with a value of "0" these messages will be corrupted at the receiving end.
3. The Microsoft Exchange Transport Service must be restarted every time this value is changed.
4. The GFI MailEssentials services must be restarted, too.

In my case the line mentioned above was already in the product.config file, but it was not the last line. It only workes if this line is the last line bfore the closin </appSettings> tag!