Logon credentials have expired

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I'm running an Exchange 2010 server and this morning all users get the following message:

"The logon credentials supplied have expired. You must change your password before logging on to Microsoft Exchange."

How do I fix this? Google does nothing. I don't want to change the passwords. Is this a security feature that can be changed?




Check your domain account password is expired from your domain controller administrator, they will able to check it.

Here are little tools help you check whether your password expired: Account lockout tools from Microsoft


You can either reset your password to same or put it password never expired from ADUC (If you are allowed to do so)
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Exchange does not impose password change policies on its users for regular operations. Your issue is a domain/AD issue. The only time Exchange imposes a password change is in an ActiveSync Policy (which is not the same password as your AD password). Are the users seeing this from their desktop/Outlook or from a mobile device?


Great, thanks!

...actually the thing that confused me is if my domain password expired, how was I able to log onto the domain? I log in as Administrator, Outlook logs in as my mail username. The mail username expired.