Memory Recuirements for a server

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Arun Velusamy


I'm designing Exchange 2010 for an organization with the following spec:

Users : 4000

Mailbox size : 1 GB

No. of Servers : 3

DAG : 1

Msg sent/receive : 100

All users are concurrent users and in a single site.

I have calculated and got the following values:

Recommended Number of Database+Log LUNs / Server = 12

In this 4 databases are active and remaining 8 are passive.

Database cache per user = 6 MB

Memory (RAM) required for one server = 4000 * 6 MB = 24000 MB

Therefore memory required for one server = 32 GB

My question is

1. For memory calculation do we need to include all the users who are in passive database also?

2. What will be the effect when I implement the same scenario with 2 DAG with 3 servers each?


Arun V
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