OWA 2010 vertical scroll fails when browser zoomed to 150%

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An OWA user I support complained that she could not use her scroll bar to advance through her inbox after upgrading to Exchange 2010. She keeps her web browser scrolled to 150% to mitigate eye strain. She can advance through her messages one at a time using up and down arrows, but she's accustomed to clicking the down-pointing triangle at the bottom of the scroll bar to advance through the list.

I confirmed on my computer that the scrolling doesn't work when IE is zoomed to 150%. I also found that Firefox starts stuttering, then fails to scroll, when zoomed to the second degree (ctrl++).

EDIT: She has hundreds of items in her mailbox.
Philadelphia, PA

Xiu Zhang


I cannot reproduce the issue from my lab.

For this issue, I'd like to clarify it with you first:

1. Please verify if this issue occur to all the user.

2. Please check if you have the latest rollup installed on the Exchange Server.

3. What is the Operation System for the client computer?

4. What is the version of your IE?

5. Please verify if user can click down-pointing triangle without zoom in IE.

6. Please verify if the button is in grey.


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