Outlook 2007 Requires Password at every startup, email from Exchange server 2007 (owned by GoDaddy)

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I have read a lot of the posts. Not all of them, but a lot. Chased half the " rabbits" into the holes; modified this registry entry added that registry entry. Deleted this crazy file under a directory. Even stood on my head turned around three times and chanted in Swahili. No matter what after I close Outlook 2007 (and wait for the grayed taskbar icon with the x on it to go away) and restart, viola; please enter your password.

Now there are a lot of line items; I can not modify, simply because i rent my exchange server 2007 from GoDaddy.

So, what I have for settings:

Under the proxy settings of the exchange account I have basic authentication; changing to NTLM and restarting. Has the save password check box available but the my password is not accepted. And canceling the password window in basic or ntlm; does nothing but keep me from getting email.

Any thoughts or am I screwed?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Ok, so you are using Outlook Anywhere to connect to the Exchange Server?

It appears they require basic auth to connect if so.

You can verify this:

Open up Outlook, logon, hold the control key, right click the Outlook icon in the far right bottom tray.

Select " Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration"

Enter your smtp address.

Uncheck the GuessSmart stuff and leave " Use Autodiscover" checked.

Look Under Auth Package for Exchange RPC. If it says Basic. then you have verified that is what they require for client auth and that's why you get the password prompt each time. You cant change that or set it to NTLM to get around it either.

If you are using Windows 7, you can save the password when prompted and you wont have to enter it again.

If you are using Windows XP or older, it doesnt seem to work so good ( the saving part).

Xiu Zhang


If you are using hosting services from GoDaddy, then I think you'd better to contact Support from GoDaddy to get relevant help.

If not, then please try to follow Andy's suggest to troubleshoot the issue.


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