Exchange 2010 SP1 install process recommendations?

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David Bolton

What is the recommended path for installing SP1? I have two CAS servers in an array (using WNLB) and two MB servers with HT roles installed. Should I do the CAS servers first and then the MB and HT servers or reverse that...?

I am curious what Microsoft folks or others have discovered as the best process...

Thanks -David

Richard Pollock

Also one big thing for me is the schema extensions...change control:( be prepared

David Bolton

Can you elaborate? Does sp1 require we re-run /preparead or something?

AndyD_ [MVP]

You have to prepare the forest for SP1 the same way you did for RTM. You can run each step separetly or setup will run them for you if the account you are using has the necessary permissions. In a multi-domain forest, its generally recommned to run the prep steps one-by-one to ensure they complete and replicate throughout the forest.