Exchange 2010 SP1 and Continuous Replication Block Mode (CRBM)




CRBM is a very great feature in SP1 but I'm wondering how it handles file system corruption?

What happens if the log files on the active are corrupted? Does it replicate the corruption to the passive copy?

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Allen Song


CRBM is used to keep the minimal data losing for the continuous replication.

In block mode, as each update is written to the active database copy's active log buffer, it's also shipped to a log buffer on each of the passive mailbox copies. When the log buffer is full, each database copy builds, inspects, and creates the next log file in the generation sequence. If a failure affects the active copy, the passive copies will have been updated with most or all of the latest updates. The active copy doesn't wait for replication to complete to preclude replication issues from affecting the client experience.

Thus, if the log files on the active are corrupted, it can also be replicated to the passive copy.