Outlook (2010) Anywhere wont hold my settings?

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It seems that my Outlook Anywhere settings keep resetting to the incorrect options on my Outlook 2010 users (FYI using exchange 2007). When users on Outlook 2010 have Outlook Anywhere manually configured as follows:
- Connect to MS Exchange using HTTP Enabled
- Use this URL to connect to my proxy server: 'http://webmail.company.com'
- Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name (unchecked)
- Authentication: basic
Once i input the settings and hit okay i exit out of outlook and go back in, i check the settings again and they have reverted back to my local server?

so in the connections settings it says


Connect using SSL only gets turned on,

Only Connect to proxy server that have this principal name in the ceritificate: has a check mark agan and says:

Now my Outlook 2007 clients all hold the settings correctly? so it's something to do with Outlook 2010 but i dont know what.

Any ideas what would be causing this to reset each time and how i can fix it to hold my settings?


Sembee [MVP]

Autodiscover will correct the settings - therefore I would be looking to see what Autodiscover is handing out to the clients.
Where are the initial settings coming from? Nothing is configured by default, so if you are seeing something in there to begin with then that would indicate something else is doing the configuration.

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