Outlook: Inserting illustrations (e.g., picture) in an e-mail

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The ILLUSTRATIONS and other components of the INSERT tab for sending a message is not activiated. None of thise icons: picutre, clip art, etc. are accessible. What can I do to get those components activated? Other non-activated pieces of INSERT include LINKS and TEXT. Are there suggestions on how to get those features activated? Thank you.

Sachin Shetty

By default it won"t be activated, ensure to click on the body of the message and verify the status.


Thank you. I just determined the resolution. If I am replying to a plain text message, I need to go to the OPTIONS -- FORMAT and change it to HTML. Then I have the ILLUSTRATIONS access. Thank you for giving me a good hint so that I found the resolution. I greatly appreciate your response. By the way, do you have advice for how to access theme and/or stationary for the MAIL FORMAT Options? Right now that pop-up window states that themes are not installed. How can I get them installed?

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