MicroSoft Office Outlook 2003 error message! Your IMAP server has closed the connection. This may oc

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· I can't move messages over into my folders because I get this error message. I have outlook 2003 part of the Microsoft office edition 2003. I do not use the business contact manager.

What setting can I change to keep the connection from going idle?

I have changed the setting for " server timeouts" in the advanced settings for email accounts to 10 minutes - this does not resolve the error. ..
y When I turn on the outlook mail application and try to move a message into a folder, I still get this problem. I had just started using an HTC EVO cell phone with the same email acct, when this problem began. I've tried the following fix posted earlier this month and it did not resolve the problem.

Tr Try disabling the send/receive group settings and check if this helps to resolve the issue.

Open Outlook > Tools > Send/receive > send /receive settings > Click on Edit Tab > Select the Account (the problem Account) > Uncheck this Option > Include the selected Account in this group.

Any more suggestions?


Re: Error Message: Your IMAP server has close the connection. This may occur if you have left the connection idle for too long.

The following thread provided a solution for an Outlook 2003 administrator/user:

Although it has not solved the issue for me, it may solve it for you and anyone else having this problem in Outlook 2003.

I, however, have Outlook 2007. I tried performing the steps to resolve this issue in Outlook 2007, but the problem persists.

I can provide the exact steps to perform in Outlook 2007 for anyone else who may be looking for a resolution:

Open Outlook>Select the IMAP Account in the Navigation Menu>Select Tools>Select Option>Select Mail Setup Tab>Select Send/Receive>Select Problem Account (might be default to All Accounts)>Select Edit>Uncheck Include the selected account in this group>Select OK>Select Close>Select OK

I hope this can assist some people.
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