All Accounts Send/Receive Group does not download complete item after upgrading to Outlook 2010

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Darren Cumbie

This is an upgrade from Office 2007 (in which these settings worked fine). The account in question is an IMAP account that points to my companies internal mail server.

The All Accounts Send/Receive Group does not download the complete message body and/or attachments even though the selection to do so is enabled. On the settings page for All Accounts I have each option on the page checked; include selected account in group, send mail items, get folder unread count, and receive mail items with the download complete items radio button selected. When a send/receive is performed only the message headers are downloaded and I must either click on the message and wait for it to be downloaded or use the " mark to download" -> " process marked headers" actions to get the content of all my e-mails.

I have performed the following actions to troubleshoot this issue:

1. Use custom behavior

Action: Enabled the option " Use the custom beharvior defined below" and selected the " download complete item including attachments" option from there for each folder (namely my inbox and sent items folder).

Response: This resulted in the same behavior as selecting the radio option " download complete items including attachments for subscribed folders" immediately below " receive mail items."

2. Created a user defined All Accounts group

Action: I created a seperate group that I named " My Test Group" and duplicated all the settings of the default " All Accounts" group

Response: The " My Test Group" performs the proper actions of downloading the complete items and attachments on the scheduled send/receives.

3. Performed a clean install

Action: Perfomed a clean install of Office 2010 on a separate computer

Response: The All Accounts Send/Receive Group works as expected when I performed a clean install instead of an upgrade of my existing Office 2007 install.

Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

Is the problem computer connected to a domain network?

Installing multiple version of Microsoft office on the same computer is not recommended.

Are other account types also added to Outlook, if any?

Try to create a new Outlookprofile, setup the email account and verify the status.

Darren Cumbie

Yep, the computer is connected to a domain. Multiple versions of MS office are not installed on the same computer, this is an upgrade from 2007 to 2010. So only 2010 exists on the computer now. I had 2 other IMAP accounts within outlook but removed them to try and fix this issue but that didn't work either. Creating a new profile did not fix the issue either, although it did create a PST file the same size as my previous PST file, so now it appears I have two copies of all my e-mails on my machine. Can I purge one of these profiles now?
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