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I am using outlook 2003. I have created distribution list with some external contacts (added contacts with "Add to Address book" option). after clicking "To" button newly added contacts and distribution list names are not comming in the Address book. When I type the contact name in the "TO" text box contact name is comming with intelinsense but distribution list names are not comming with intelisense.

I want to know how to edit/delete exising distribution list as they are not comming in address book ??

I want to know how to get distribution list name in "TO" text box field ??



Russ Valentine

What you are calling "intelisense" is actually autocompletion. You should never use the autocompletion feature to select a DL because the autocompletion cache is never updated. Use the Outlook Address Book to select the DL instead (hint: click on the To: button to open the Outlook Address Book).

You also need to be aware that many times even the reference in the address book will not be updated correctly. DL's are not reliable and have largely been abandonded by most users for these and other reasons. Learn to use Categories instead.

Russ Valentine

Diane Poremsky

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The first time you send mail to a contact or DL, it needs to be resolved and added to the list - then it will come up on the autocomplete list the next time.

So... the first time, select it from the Address book or type the full name in and let it resolve.

If you update a contact or DL after it is added to the autocomplete list, you need to delete it from the list (use the arrow keys to the select the entry then press Del), otherwise it will use the old addresses, not the updated addresses.

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