Can't Delete Duplicate Calendars

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Have used Mobile Me to sync calendar between pc and mac for one year with no problem. Suddenly, PC has duplicate calendars. Names are " _ModCal????.Calendar in Personal Folders" (eg _ModCal1at11.Calendar in Personal Folders).

I have run office Diagnostics tool and everything came back okay. I am running XP and Office 2007.

I right click on the name of a calendar and select delete. I get the following message.

" Cannot delete this folder. Right-Click the folder and then click properties to check your permissions for the folder. See the folder owner of your adminstrator to change your permissions. The folder is full." (This is a useless suggestion.)

I also renamed Outlook.pst to Outlook.old and let Outlook give me a new pst file. The calendars are still there.

I would sure appreciate some help getting rid of them.

Brian Tillman

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Never manipulate a PST that is currently a part of a mail profile. You can damage the profile.

Try starting Outlook once with the /resetfolders command switch. Press WinKey+R (or click Start>Run) and in the Open field, enter

outlook.exe /resetfolders

Be sure to include the space. Press Enter. Does that help?

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