Outlook 2007 suddenly stopped sending and receiving mail when i was sending alot of emails to my cli

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Outlook is linked to mydaily email account which sends and receives ok

I have check settings and sent test email which sends ok

Any help appreciated

Ganesh Kumar N

Did you send large size emails with attachments?

Do you get any error message during send/receive in Outlook?

Are there any emails stuck in the Outbox?

l If yes, click on File > Work Offline and then move the emails from the Outbox to Drafts folder

l If the emails are not sent, specify the size of the email and also ensure no Email Scanning is integrated with Outlook

Note: undo Work Offline after troubleshooting.

Ganesh Kumar N

Linda Larkan

When you say " alot of emails to my clients," approximately how many do you mean? For example, GoDaddy.com only allows a person to send to 250 recipients per day. An individual can pay extra to send to more people.

Do you think that you were trying to send to more recipients than your email provider will allow?

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