Help with extracting data from a windows mobile device

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Hi All,

I am in desperate need of extracting email from a Windows Mobile 6.5 device.

This device was synchronising via ExchangeActivesync. We had a DR event that resulted in a mailbox being lost. I restored the mailbox but lost 3 days worth of email.

However, the inbox of the WM6.5 device has the email I need and the device is currently set to not synchronise with the server. I simulated this event with another mailbox and device to see what would happen if I resynchronise and unfortunately the email on the device disappears.

Does anyone have a quick and simple method of extracting email directly from a windows mobile device?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the reply AndyD

I have already connected the phone to a workstation and connected via activesync.

Outlook has a partnership with Exchange so anytime I try to change that and synchronise with Outlook on the workstation the Exchange partnership is removed along with all the email that I want to extract. What I am hoping to find is the location or file in which the email is kept and even get hold of some utility that helps me get the email out. I have browsed through the device file structure and am not seeing anything that looks like an email store.



Basic process I used outlined below.

Installed SPB Backup and ran a backup of emails only on the smartphone.

Re-enabled synchronisation with Exchange which resulted in all emails currently on the smartphone being removed.

Restored emails.

This is the point I was hoping (naively probably) that Microsoft would have a bit of built in magic to resync all restored emails with the inbox on Exchange. This did not occur so I had to forward each restored email to the inbox. Not the perfect result but I was able to get back the emails I needed.