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At one point I was able to sync Outlook 2007 with my Tungsten E2, it does sync but one thing is missing it does not sync all of the category information.

That is my question does anyone on this forum know if I can fix how Outlook syncs with Palm HotSync 6.2.2 so that the categories will sync along with the colors, I have gotten that feature to work in the past I do not know what changed or what I did wrong.

Brian Tillman

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Whether or not categories sync is completely up to whatever sync software you use. Outlook is completely passive in a sync and contains no settings that can control it.

Did you upgrade to color categories? RIght-click the root of your folder set, choose Properties, then click Upgrade to Color Categories.



I was able to manually change the color because I saw the category names were they and if I click the category that was blank and said (not in Master Category List) then clicked new it would create a color for it and add it to the master category list with out affecting the handheld and syncing so that worked out completely great because I understand how Outlook Categories work better now.

Ha ha that was really hard to read but I'm going to leave it.

Ezil Vinoth

Do you manually change the color category in phone or in Outlook?

If you have changed in Outlook, follow the steps below.

1. Right click on the PST file in navigation pane

2. Click on Data file properties

3. Click on "Upgrade to color categories"

4. Restart Outlook and check.
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