Outlook 2003 - Exchange 2010 global address list not updating

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Have Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003 (cached mode)

Only SOME of the users with '03 have an issue.. (seems like the same USER will have the issue on outlook '07 or '03)

When you try to update the gobal address list outlook hangs with a status of " Trying to connect" .

It seems if we locally delete the all the .oab files outlook will reload them but then will have the same issue.. after the reload.

I looked at the unicode setting and it is set to Unicode mode against Microsoft exchange in '07

Any idea what this user could have to cause the global address list to not update?

Sembee [MVP]

You need to be careful with what you are describing here.

People use the term GAL, but in many cases what they actually mean is the OAB.

Primary test is whether it works in OWA. If OWA is correct, then the issue is not the GAL.
Furthermore taking Outlook out of cached mode means it is using live information, not the OAB.

However as you have indicated it is only some users, that almost certainly rules out anything server side completely. If it was a server issue then it would affect all users on that version of the OAB.

The OAB is downloaded two ways. The complete download, or the incremental download. It is not unusual for the incremental download to fail, and deleting the *.oab files will force Outlook to download the complete download.

Does it follow users between machines?
Have you tried a new Outlook and/or Windows profile?

If it is following the users, anything common about the users? I doubt very much it is a server issue, so would be concentrating on the workstation as the source.



Thanks for the reply..

Yes it does seem as if the UPDATE is failing and not the complete download.

I believe it does follow certain users between machines (i will verify)

This was all part of a move process where a new user was created in a new domain and the profile was moved (like many others that work) to the new exchange 2010 server...

We do not see anything common among the users.. but that is what we are trying to figure out.. why these random users...

Like I said '07 & '03 for same users hang on update..

I will have the test OWA..

Anything else we can try?

I originally thought it might be a SSL issue.. but since not evryone has the issue.. I agree with you it is not a server thing.. most likely..
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