Issues with changing default PST files

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I had my account set up as a POP3 account in outlook 2010 but then I wanted to change it to a IMAP account. I saved a backup copy of my PST file from my POP3 account so that I wouldn't loose valuable data but for some reason Outlook 2010 will not let me change the data files.

How do I recover my backed up PST file so that it opens in my IMAP account. And How do I get rid of the POP account properly. I removed the email no problem but it will not let me remove the PST file.

Any help would be much appreciated.


See the top two links on this page:

E-mail accounts and profiles - Outlook - Microsoft Office:

Basically, you need to remove the POP3 account from that profile (make sure to note the location of your .pst file), then add your IMAP account. You can add your original .pst file as a secondary data file so that it can be accessible with the e-mail in your IMAP account. You then have the option of course of copying folders from that .pst into your IMAP data file (an .ost file). You can also do an Import/Export if you wish into your IMAP account, without having to load your .pst as a secondary store.

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