Recalling Messages in Outlook 2007

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I wish to recall a message. I and the recipients are on the same exchange server and using Outlook 2007. None of the recipients have their computers on now (it is late). If I send the recall request now, will the original message be recalled automatically when the recipients come to work tomorrow and boot up and open Outlook, or is it a requirement that all the recipient's computers be on, logged into the network with Outlook open when the recall request is sent for it the recall to be successful? I know the latter was required in previous versions of Outlook, but is that still the case with Outlook 2007?

Diane Poremsky

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The recall (if successful) will happen when each person logs into their mailbox but if they use smartphone or OWA from home, the recall will fail as they will have already read the message.

I'm not aware of any requirement that recall won't happen unless every recipient log in first - but there are so many ways recall can fail that anything is possible. Bottom line is that recall can't be relied on.

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