Outlook 2007 (Exchange 2003) not updating messages when 2 additional mailboxes in profile

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I ran into what appears to a bug in Outlook 2007. I have now seen this on two separate workstations and the issue is consistent on each. Basically, when the following conditions are true, Outlook 2007 (with an Exchange 2007 mail server) will not update the Inbox (tested hitting Send/Receive, Offline/Online & closing/reopening Outlook):

1) Outlook 2007 set to Exchange Cached Mode

2) More than 1 other user's Exchange mailbox added to Outlook profile

When Outlook 2007 is set to Online mode, everything works fine. When only 1 other user's Exchange mailbox is added to the Outlook profile, everything works fine. But when an additional user's Exchange mailbox is added to the Outlook profile, the issue occurs.

I first ran into this issue when upgrading a user from Office 2003 Pro to Office 2007 Pro, and the issue started immediately as he already had 2 additional Exchange users' mailboxes in his Outlook profile. Rebuilding his Outlook profile, running a repair install of Office 2007, and uninstalling/deleting all user pref files/reinstalling Office 2007 did not change anything.

Today another user who I upgraded to Office 2007 last week reported the same issue after I added a second additional Exchange user's mailbox to his Outlook profile - basically all mail flow to Outlook stopped from the moment I added the mailbox. I tested thoroughly while adding/removing mailboxes and confirmed the root of the issue, but am not finding any answers or KB articles while trying to research the issue.

Does anyone know if there is a workaround or hotfix for this issue? (aside from putting Outlook into Online mode) The Exchange Cached Mode is ideal for remote users when working offline, but not receiving messages from the Exchange server is an issue.

For what it is worth, both PCs are running Windows XP and NOD32 antivirus (v3).

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