Outlook 2007 sending multiple copies

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Re Outlook 2007 (product 81610-956-5579135-62167).

When I send an email with single or multiple attachments (usually but not always a pdf file) it goes into the "Outbox" and sits there sending multiple copies to the same or multiple recipients. The email does not move to the "Sent" box after sending. Emails sent without attachments perform correctly.

I've disabled anti-virus on "email out" but this doesn't work.

The problem has only manifested recently and I have been sending eamils with attachment without problems since I changed to MS Outlook 2007 in February this year.

If anyone is experiencing this problem, and have a fix, can you please enlighten me.



Brian Tillman

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The most frequent cause of this is having your antivirus program configured to scan mail. Completely uninstall your AV program and reinstall it without the mail scanning feature. You will be just as safe.

Vinay - G

Start outlook in safe mode and check if the problem persists:-

Hold CTRL and click on outlook icon and choose to start in safe mode.

Check what are the addins installed under Tools->Trust center->addins.

Give us the list of addins.
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