Outlook 2002 Data File Upper Memory Level Exceeded

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I am using Outlook 2002. Recently outlook.pst file exceeded the upper limit for memory storage (1.91 GB). I transferred entries out of the outlook.pst data file to reduce the size (now 997 MB). I also compacted the data file. Yesterday Outlook was able to send and receive email, but only when I did a "forced send/receive". Now it is completely locked up with messages sitting in the outbox. I am on an office LAN. In the lower right hand corner of my Outlook screen (just above the day/time function, there is a network drive symbol with a red X.

Niranjan I K

Open Outlook, click "File" and deselect "Work Offline". Now click send/receive to send and receive emails.

You may also want to check if there is a large email stuck in your outbox before you try to send/receive. Try clearing the outbox and then send emails.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Just for future reference - if you upgrade to Outlook 2003 or later the new format PST files don't have that 2GB limit.
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