Lost access to Outlook 2010

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I have recently purchased a new laptop running windows 7 and downloaded office hime business after purchasing a product key. For 3 days outlook was running and today i have lost access. When I try to open I get the message C\users\documents\outlook\file\EmailAddress@##.com.au.pst cannot be found.

Ive tried uninstalling and reinsalling and it hasnt fixed the problem. ive also tried accesseries-run-outlook.exe and I get the same error message PLEASE HELP



Thanks Russ

Ive just gone into control panel-mail-email account-data files and the the data file path C:\users\documents\outlook\file\myemail address.pst is ticked so it exists in my profile

Do you suggest I delete it and start a new profile to solve the problem

Russ Valentine

That only means the path statement exists. But the error message means Outlook cannot find the file there, where it expects to. The first thing you'd want to do is find the file yourself so you can redirect Outlook to the correct location. Use a Search for hidden files in Windows Explorer to do this.Russ Valentine