Outlook 2010 asks me "Do you want to open or save this file?" when I first run it. If I open, it con

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I have been using Outlook for years but this time its pushing me to reconsider.

I have set up an IMAP account, which said to be much better then Outlook 2007. But seems its not the case at all.

After starting Outlook 2010 it asks me " Do you want to open or save this file?" . If I open it just writes Loading...

This files are always having names like {123134-43243443-3223}.html and if I cancel the operation it doesnt asks till I recieve a new mail or close and reopen outlook, then it asks again. This is a really boring situation because after a lunch time break I am having to close like 15-20 of this little silly offering windows.

I searched the options but havent find anything.

I would be greatful if you gave me a clue about this.

I am using a Windows 7 Ult. with an Office 2010 on it.

Thanx in advance

Ezil Vinoth

When do you get this error message? Is it when you open Outlook or when you open an email?

IMAP is a type of account that can be configured in Outlook. Have you configured this account in Outlook 2007?

Create new Profile for Outlook and check it helps.


Actually I found a workaround. Seemed silly but solved the problem after all.

But let me answer your questions, so someone may need this as well.

First of all its not an error message. It is a question that if I'd want to open the file or save it. The file was an html file.

It used to happen when Outlook recieved a mail or on startup.

I created it on Office 2010 fresh. I used to use it on 2007 as well.

The problem seems to happen because of Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 6. It was my default browser. I changed my settings and marked IE8 as my default app. Then Outlook stoped offering to download the html files.

:) Thanx for replies


Not really an answer is it... Change your default browser..

The problem must exist within Outlook itself and not the browser - yes changing the default browser might stop the security warning popping up and asking what you want to do with the file. But that security popup exists for a reason.

Why is Outlook requesting to open files from the folder " C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files" ?

There is nothing in my inbox, so nothing should be opened.

Found the solution - Turn the PEOPLE PANE off - and it stops.

No idea why as yet, but if you go to VIEW on the ribbon bar, then drop down the PEOPLE PANE button and set it to OFF. it stops bugging you.
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