Lost "contacts in personal folders" file (folder) in the pane of Outlook contacts screen. Only seei

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Remember - This is a public forum so never post private information such as In Contacts window of outlook ,I lost " contacts in personal folders" in contacts pane I used to have both that one and just " contacts" folder visible and I saved some different info in each one. Now I only see " contacts" not c..in personal folders. How do I retrieve contacts in personal folders to be visible in the pane. I I can not see any contacts stored in that folder any more? WHen I saved info in business card it had on the bottom of the box a note with a box checked ...personal folders" my contacts now in general " contacts" folder do not have that so I am missing info. How do I get back to seeing both folders . Thank you so much . (I do not recall what I did or what happened to make me loose-change this).email or phone numbers!


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Vinay - G

This issue usually occurs if the 2nd personal folder is closed. The 'Contacts' folder what you see now is a part of the default personal folder (PST) which outlook uses.

If a secondary pst file is opened, it is in this scenario where you see 'Contacts in Personal folders' as the contacts folder is a part of this file.

To reopen the file, Click File - Open - Open data file - and check for a secondary pst file (Usually named Outlook1.pst or Personal Folder). Highlight the file and click Open.

Now check if the contacts folder appears.
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