Not receiving meeting responses

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Hello, a co-worker schedules alot of staff meetings. She will set up the meeting, send out the invites, which everybody receives. But when people accept/deny/etc..., she doesn't receive the response.

We have not encountered this issue when other people setup a meeting. Any thoughts?

Ganesh Kumar N

What type of email account do you use in Outlook? (e.g., POP, IMAP or exchange)

Make sure the TNEF feature is enabled in Outlook and on the server.

Refer the link on how to enable the feature in Outlook.

Ganesh Kumar N


i'm not very familiar with IT technologies, sorry!

I think it's either POP or Exchange. Can it be both? If not, then Exchange. Here in the office we have globally-accessible e-mail contacts, can view each other's Outlook calendars, etc...

Other people have no problem organizing meetings and receiving requests, just one person's computer. I'll look into the TNEF setting.