Problems dragging and dropping email messages to the desktop

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I have someone who is having problems dragging & dropping email messages from Outlook 2010 to his desktop. (He has a similar setup as I: Windows 7 64-bit w/ Outlook 2010 Pro. Mine works fine, BTW) For instance, he can drag a message from the Inbox or Sent Items folder to the desktop. However, double-clicking opens the message but the body of the message only displays one or two characters of the entire message!

Has anyone seen this?

Ruchi Bisht

Is the issue specific to a particular email / sender or all emails?

Open the email from Desktop, right click on it and select View Source. Verify if the entire email content is available in the source.

Ruchi Bisht


No. It's happening to ALL emails.

I tried follwing your instructions, but when I right click on a message, I don't get View Source as an option. I get the usual suspects: Open, Open With, Cut, Copy, Rename, Send To... etc.

Again, my computer works fine.

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