Unable to edit a received email in Outlook 2010 wheras I could in the previous version.



In the past I would receive long, long emails with many forwards and replies tied in the body. In the past I could simply select "edit message" and I would just delete all of the excess text, thus saving a ton of paper and toner. I cannot seem to find that function in Outlook 2010. Any suggestions?



Just to be clear, I am talking about when one receives an email and editing the received email without replying or forwarding. In the older versions of Outlook, I often just deleted all of the old info at the end and then saved the edited email in the inbox exactly where it was postioned before.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]


Open the e-mail message. On the Ribbon the 4th group from the left is the "Move" group. Click the Actions button in that group. Edit Message is the first option on the menu that results.