Public Folders, Email Lists, and Sort Orders

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Good morning - I am looking for a Server side solution to standardize all sort order formats in distribution lists, public folders, etc in Exchange Server 2007.

I am running SBS 2008, I have 20 clients connecting to the Exchange server. Currently the default sort order on distribution lists, email lists, etc is 'First Name, Last Name'. In large Address books, this can be frustrating.

I would like to control the sort order from the Server side. I know I can go to each client and configure Outlook 2007 this way, but would prefer a server side solution, either via Group Policy or some other such mechanism.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or know if this is even doable? I have looked through the Office 2007 Administrative Templates for group policy, but see nothing relating to this. Any comments or feedback is appreciated.


As I know, distribution list and public folder sort their contacts alphanumeric in the address book. They only have display name, instead of “First Name, Last Name”

If you are trying to modify the display template in the contact object, please refer to the article below

Managing Details Templates

James Luo

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