Small business owner, trying to figure out outlook 2010 and outlook connector, 4 issues ive goggled for weeks and have yet to find an answer for... co

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OUTLOOK 2010 CATEGORIES I'VE MADE DO NOT SHOW UP ON HOTMAIL IN THE SKY. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO RUN A BUSINESS? Meaning even though ive made categories for contacts, all other pc's do not have those categories accessible. Is there a way to automatically sync categories from outlook to the sky\live account to all other pcs that sync will get the categories sync"d to them!
Or is it possible to take all the categories ive made (over 500 contacts) and then put them into groups so those groups will sync? ive tried dragging my groups into create new contact group, but it won't allow me? basically all ive found was to go to groups and add each contact individually which will be a nightmare! ive already categorized all my contacts, how am i suppose to create new groups and remember which contact belongs in which category?

when making a new contact.. why does it show add the person to a category, and NOt add them to a group? what is the point of using a category if you cannot select a category when making a new email, or forwarding a message? it looks as if the only way to send an email to a group of people is to have them in groups. how can i get them into groups the fastest way with out having to refigure out what group they should go in?

contact pictures??? Why don t they sync with the sky? how can i get all my outlook 2010 contact pictures to show up on hotmail website when i login on the road? i'm using outlook connector it syncs calander contacts but it seems like it only sync partial information, meaning it doesn't sync categories they are in or there pictures?!


one more issue i forgot to mention and this has been an issue since 2007

WHY do mycontacts birthdays keep chaning they all change dates on there own... i don't understand since 2007 i bet i have redone my contacts birthdays LITERALLY 50-75 times. my sons birthday is on the 19th i just checked my phone and it says the 21st again???

these all seem like issues a person should not have with a EXPENSIVE OFFICE PROGRAM.. any tips or suggestions please? i am willing to paypal someone for support i need these items fixed once and for all! or i need to find a similiar program to replace outlook, which sadly i do not want to do!

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Categories in Hotmail are "Contact groups" also known as distribution lists in Outlook. Outlook's categories don't sync.

For more info on this you can refer to this thread link below which explains about outlook categories not syncing with Hotmail:-

To group contacts in outlook you can refer to the article below:-

Note: - The steps in the article hold good for outlook 2010 also.

To answer your question about calendar birthdays changing date and time we need more information on this:

Are the dates changing in outlook or your phone?

Did you check the date and time in outlook matches the date and time in your phone?


no clue why im not recieving alerts to replies here. grrr

i apologise for not coming back sooner.

thanks for the links,

Are the dates changing in outlook or your phone? change on both

Did you check the date and time in outlook matches the date and time in your phone? dates are the same, the time is one minute off.

ive disconnected my phone, deleted all contacts and calander items on phone, on outlook 2010 ive changed all bdays to what they are suppose to be, and deleted all multiple contacts then i logged into hotmail live and some of my contacts are double? so i think my problem has always been outlook connector? should my outlook contacts and live contacts be the same? how do we sync both of them so that contacts aren't doubling up on me anymore?

thansk for your time and i will continue to check this post for replies.
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