Cannot Display Folders-For Contacts

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e-mail OK

Calandar OK

Contacts: Not OK Message Reads "Cannot Display Folders:

I know they are in their, becase on the email page I can bring in a name on the To: Address line.


Russ Valentine

Please be a little less cryptic. It will allow others to help you. State what mail account types you are using. State the method you are using to view your Contacts Folder. State whether you were ever able to view your Contacts Folder and if so what happend before you became unable to.Russ Valentine

Karl Timmermans

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account

- Is this a message that appears when you click on the contact folder?

- Is this a message that keeps occuring after you've closed and restarted Outlook? (if the problem has self-corrected itself - do feel free to let other's know who may be reading this thread)

- Is this related to a folder in a PST file?

- Guess is that you don't have a backup of your Outlook data (the PST files) - correct?

For the purpose of this response - going to assume your answer to the above questions is yes on all counts. That being the case.....

#1 - Trying running ScanPST on the PST file where the folder is located. It's a hit or miss situation as to whether or not it will resolve the problem - so the rest of this message assumes the problem is not resolved

#2 - The steps you need to follow to recover your contact info and correct your Outlook config depends totally on whether or not this involves your default mailbox (contact folder contained in the same tree as your Inbox) so you'll need to provide that info. Unless your contact folder has become 100% corrupted, then recovering your contact info is as simple as:
a) create a new contact folder
b) right click on the folder that has the problem (do not attempt to OPEN the folder - just right-click on it)
c) if it's your default contact folder - select COPY Contacts. If it's not your default contact folder then you can choose to either Move or Copy the contacts to the newly created folder in step (2a)
d) what happens next depends on whether this is the default contact folder or not since you cannot simply delete the contact folder and create a new one - in short - your entire default Mailbox will have to be re-created

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