Parameter -OrganizationalUnit does not work in Exchange 2010 Hosted Edition

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hi there,

i have a problem with my hosted exchange 2010.

when I add a user using the Exchange Management Shell and I specify the parameter -OrganizationalUnit to put the user in a certain OU i get an error: "Organizational Unit "Sales" was not found, make sure you have typed it correctly."

this is the command i use: New-Mailbox –Organization "" –FirstName "John" –LastName "Doe" –DisplayName John Doe"–Name "John Doe"–UserPrincipalName "" -OrganizationalUnit "sales"

I also tried

-OrganizationalUnit "OU=Sales,,OU=Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations,DC=HOST,DC=COM

-OrganizationalUnit OU=Sales,"

"OU=Sales,,OU=Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations"

can anybody help me??


OK, i tried it without quotes, nothing still the same problem

also i read that usage document, but even that example doesn't work.