Subject disapearing in Tasks

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Same thing is happening to me. I use tasks as a central location to keep up to date on e-mails, notes and spreadsheets. Over the last four months I have lost three of them. They just up and disappear... last Friday one of them disappeared from the task list as soon as I clicked "save." Any idea where they are going? I already checked the deleted files.


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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server 2010
So the task is disappearing, not just the subject?

What type of email account? Which version of Outlook? Do you have more than one task folder? (Use Folder list - Ctrl+6 - to look for more Task folders.)
The task is disappearing. I don't know it is mysteriously transform into some hidden view or if it just wandering off to the great graveyard where tasks go to die.

I am using Office 2007. We have an exchange server but I keep my tasks in a separate PST file.

I have a task list on the main exhange server that I don't use... I also have an older task list filed in a separate PST. I checked there too.
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