Routing ALL (including internal) mail through an SMTP Server

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We have a third party Mail Content Checker that scans all our email for Offensive language, innapropriate attachements etc. and we use this extensivley for reporting and monitoring.

We're now deploying a brand new Exchange 210 environment and I'd really like to get all email including internal domain email being sent via this smtp server.

I understand it's an extra hop for the mail to reach it's destination, but the security policies in place on the smtp server are really useful for flagging emails that shouldnt be getting sent.

Is there a way to get all email to be sent via the smtp server? I've tried adding the local domains as SMTP in the Address space of the send connectors but as internal mail in Exchange uses MAPI, this is ignored.




I don't think there's going to be any way to get into the middle of that transport pipeline except with an event sink / transport agent.
If the objective is just to identify the emails that may have inappropriate content without stopping them, you might be able to set up a transport rule to route a copy to a external bogus domain, and then set up a send connector for that domain that's pointed at your content checker as a smarthost.
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That's not possible to redirect the internal email to the other SMTP server except for doing this operation under Categorizer phase.



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