Import Outlook and Business Contact Manager data to another user

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FCUSA online

I am having trouble with Marketing Campaign in BCM in one user and want to retrieve the data to load into another user. We feel the database file is corrupt as only one user is having the problem and only one database is affected (even when shared and opened by another user).

Can this information be moved?

If so, how?

If so, will I be moving the problem also?

Guruprasad Ra

Try repairing the data base and check if this helps:

1. Open Outlook.
2. Go to the Business Contact Manager menu.
3. Select Database Tools, then Manage Database.
4. Click on Check for Errors.

In addition, as the database is shared, among the users and it is happening with just one user try removing and the database and re-connecting to the same.

FCUSA online

Thank you for your response.

I have tried checking for errors and no errors were found.

The database is actually not shared. To help isolate the problem, we tested each user on the computer. First, launching a campaign on each user's own database; second, on the troubled database (from different users) and the same error occurred. All other functions work for the affected user, just launching a campaign whether we are pulling Accounts or Business Contact; and all functions work for all other users except when using this one database.

I have created a new user and would like to import the accounts and contacts. My attempt last night did not work using the export/import functions.

Your assistance is appeciated.

FCUSA online

For those of you having a similiar problem, here was my resolution:

I created a New Database within the affected user:

Business Contact ManagerDatabase ToolsCreate or Select New Database

With the new database created, I exported Business Contacts & Accounts separately using the .csv option. (On previous attempts, the .bcm file did not work (probably because, for us, we narrowed down our problem to a corrupt database through a process of elimination).

I exported and imported in .csv format and most all fields populated. Had to import Business Contacts and Accounts separately. Unfortunately, each Business Contact is associated with (actually created from within) an Account - that connection did not import. The upside is at least the Business Contacts imported with their Category intact (something I painstakingly updated several months ago when I realized the benefits of pulling reports by that value - so glad I did). I tried launching from Publisher and again, all seems to be fine. The old database is still intact, so I'll print that report (hopefully it will print) and manually reassign the accounts. A month ago, I would have been annoyed about this extra task and today, I feel blessed - funny how that works!!

I hope this helps!