Missing headers in sent emails when showing in groups in Outlook 2003

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If I create a new message manually, the subject and other header fields seem to work fine, and grouping by conversation (for example) works fine.

If I create a message by, for example, right-clicking on a file and choosing "Send To->Mail Recipient", or having an application send an e-mail out (the application is CM-Clarify, FWIW), then if I group by conversation (or date) the subject and date seems to be missing. But if I don't show in groups, or if I open the message, I can see the subject and date. They just go missing when grouped by anything. This results in those messages not being grouped properly, plus it also messes up the view in other ways - non-related messages at the bottom of the message list appear blank and I can't open them. It's like there is a problem with the messages that are created in these two ways, and the outlook grouping views don't handle them gracefully.

Any ideas for a fix or workaround? Thanks!

Diane Poremsky

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When you use an outside method to create a message, it hits outlook at a different point in the new message process. I'll check it on current versions and load up 2003 and see if the conversation field (and any others) are missng when using send to commands.
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