Unable to delete messages from Inbox in Outlook 2003, only with my new email address.

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Chris Nielsen-Smith

I recently set up a new email address @telus.com. This created a new IMAP folder which contains an inbox, deleted items folder, etc. However, when I delete a message from this Inbox, a line gets drawn through the message, but it doesn't move to the deleted items folder. If I click and drag the message into the Deleted Items folder, only a copy is placed there, leaving the original in the Inbox. I have 3 other email addresses at this computer, and the folders for them work fine. Help would be much appreciated.

Brian Tillman

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That's how IMAP accounts work in Outlook versions 2007 and earlier. IMAP has no concept of the " Deleted Items" folder. Instead, messages get marked for deletion right in their original folders and then removed when you click Edit>Purge... If you want those messages to be hidden, swithc to using the " Hide Messages Marked for Deletion" view instead of the Messages view.

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