Making rule to delete mails en folder.

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Is it possible to create a rule that automatically deletes all mail in a specific folder after 48 hours.

And In OWA ? or onle Outlook

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Jennifer Zhan


AFAIK, There is no way to do this automatically.

It seems you can only open this folder and click on one message header to highlight it, then press Ctrl + A to highlight all the messages. Press the Delete key to manually delete.

If you are using Outlook 2010 and just want to delete these emails from outlook temporarily and may use them in future, you can consider to use AutoArchive feature. Using AutoArchive allows you to manage space in your mailbox or on the email server by moving older items to another location on your hard drive. How to manage AutoArchive in outlook 2010, you can refer to this article:

Hope that helps.

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