Street Addresses Formatting Glitch?

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Using the Business Card view, I've noticed that quite a few of my street addresses have incorrect formatting since switching from 2003 to 2007. So instead of:

John Smith

123 Anyplace Street

New York, NY 10020

I get:

John Smith123 Anyplace StreetNew York, NY 10020

If I double-click on the card and open it, things look correct in the open Contact, but I have to delete and then hit Enter to get the address to appear correctly in Business Card view.

Any idea how to fix this so I don't have to correct hundreds of entries manually?



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I don't know of a way to fix this automatically as the business card is per contact - updating doesn't affect it. If you press enter following the address lines (in the address fields), does it fix the problem? It might be a little less effort.

I'll try to repro it and see what i can find out about this.
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