"Outlook cannot display this view" I tried following Diane's suggestions in past posts...but still

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Joe Fred

I am hoping that you can help me with an issue that I am having with Outlook... I purchased Windows XP not long ago and upon installing it...happily had no " issues" Everything worked, and I got the Outlook program to merge with the family business email system... However, a couple of days ago...when I opened OUTLOOK, there was an alert box that immediately opened up that says " Outlook cannot display this view"

It is followed up by a blank blue window...with the following words in the center...

" Outlook cannot display this view. The specified view cannot be found."

I have tried everything that I can think of to restore my view of the inbox messages...but nothing is working... Again I have Windows XP Professional...

My wife and I own a business and me not having access to the messages in the Outlook inbox for the past three days is a serious problem... Pretty please with sugar on top HEEELLLLPPP :)
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