Outlook categories for draft messages?

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Though the 'category' button exists on the inbox and sent folders, I cannot find a way to all the button to newly created message I have yet to send. When I use 'customize the ribbon' on a draft message that option is not there. Currently it is taking 4 clicks to set a category on a new message: Tags > Categories > (my category) > Close.

There does not seem to be a way to add a Category button to the Ribbon. There are a gajllion other options, but that one is not available for some reason.

I have a 'defer sending' rule in place and I use categories to mark certain messages as exceptions to that rule (i.e. they get sent immediately). I could go to the Outbox and use a quick click to set it there, but it won't send unless I open the messages and click send again (usually I have to do this twice before it will send).

Am I missing a check box somewhere? I tried this add-in to provide this function (VBOffice 'Category Manager'), but it's just a window that gets in the way of other things. If I could get a native Ribbon button, that would great. At this point, even a macro would be cool...seems like a pretty basic feature that is inexplicably missing.

Harry Yuan


I would like to give the advice to you is delete all the categories then re-create categories.

The easiest way to delete use the following commend .

Start menu–> RUN—> and enter “c:\program files\microsoft office\office12\outlook.exe” /cleancategories“

Specifically how to re-create use the article link:

Create and assign color categories



Harry Yuan


I too am having the same issue. Harry Yuan from MSFT obviously didn't read your email because it has absolutely nothing to do with what you want to do.

I tried assigning a keyboard shortcut to a category and it will not flag it while the email is a draft.

It will only categorize it once the email is in the sent items folder. This is frustrating to me as well. If you find a solution, please be sure to come back and post it. I will do the same.

Thanks, BBC
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