Exchange 2010 Password not syncing with 2008 AD

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We are having a very strange problem. When we change a users password in AD and they login into OWA; they can use their old password and their new password. We have a user with 5 different passwords all working in OWA. However when they login into a workstation they can only use the last password that we changed.

Our enviroment:

1 Exchange CA server

1 Exchange server running all other roles.

4 Domain controllers. 3 are 2008 and 1 is 2003.

We have rebooted both Exchange servers and all the AD servers. When we rebooted the AD servers the passwords synced up. When we tested again the same thing is happening.

Any one ever seen this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Gulab Mallah

As you said, after rebooting the AD server it worked fine that mean replication between your DC's are not working
You can run dcdiag and check the replication result.

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