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I get this error " Internal Translation System Error" when trying to inport a file to contacts.

Karl Timmermans

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Always helpful to provide complete details - i.e. type of file, the complete error message, did any contacts get imported at all etc

The most common cause(s) of this type of error which mostly occurs with either CSV or Excel files:
- a column has an empty field name (hidden columns in Excel are prime culprits as are invalid
" Named Ranges" encompassing blank columns which in turn often gets caused by people
<clearing a column> versus <deleting a column> - two totally different things that look exactly
the same when looking at a worksheet
- a field name in the header row is invalid (i.e. contains a period for example) - this would be true for
CSV files but not likely Excel worksheets since invalid characters get replaced when importing from
an Excel worksheet

If one of the above doesn't resolve the problem - then too many other permutations to go through without additional details. One thing is certain however, the issue is not with the Outlook import process (beyond its <less than informative> message - it is an issue with the data being imported but unfortunately no documentation exists anywhere that outlines what all the possibilities are that could trigger this message.
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