Upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010 and my Outlook rules have all disappeared

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I'm running Office 2010 Professional x64 on Windows x64 against Microsoft Exchange (i think it's Exchange 2007) having recently upgraded from Office 2007. Since the upgrade all of my mail rules have disappeared which is very frustrating. However, when I add a new rule and name it the same as a previous rule, Outlook names it 'My Rule (2)' by default which suggests that Outlook knows that there is an existing rule with the same name. Additionally, if I click the Folders->Run Rules Now button, I can see all my old rules listed.

I've tried creating a new outlook profile but I reused the same PST file because it has all my old email in it. However, the same problem persists which makes me think the rules are stored in the PST file.

Any suggestions for how to remedy this situation?



Diane Poremsky

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You say you are using exchange server email account - if so, are you delivering mail to a pst or using cached Exchange mode?

It sounds like you have rules stored on the server and are using local rules - restart outlook using the /cleanclientrules switch. In the start search field, type or paste:

outlook.exe /cleanclientrules

then press Enter to start outlook.
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