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WinXP / Outlook 2007 / Exchange-LAN environment

I'm having trouble viewing updated appointments in a calendar that I copied from our Public Folders list. I originally copied the folder into my Exchange mailbox in order to have the option to view the calendar side-by-side with my calendar by checking it under "My Calendars". I can view the calendar but whenever someone adds a meeting or appointment I do not see it - it's not syncing properly with the "real" calendar.

Diane Poremsky

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Not sure why you are being sent to the Exchange group when this is a such a simple question to answer here...

When you copy a calendar from the public folders, it is just a copy. It will not sync. You also don't need to copy it to view it side-by-side - just add it to the Public folder favorites. Then it will show in your Calendar navigation pane so you can enable it for side by side viewing.
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