Outlook Connector version 14 problem

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Yep, seen all the comments, but is there a resolution? I've tried about everything that's been suggested without success! Really begining to bug me - I need my email to work via Outlook.

Hasn't Microsoft worked this problem out????????????


Initially, came back from holiday and on going into Outlook had the upgrade or leave to later option on Outlook Connector (OC). Accepted the upgrade, but could no longer get access to emails. Uninstalled OC going back to previous version which looks correct - i.e. with Outlook you get the status as connecting and the storage quota. However, the upgrade option is presented and emails are not updated. Just the loop.
I've uninstalled OC via the add/remove programs in control panel, rebooted PC just so the system is clean and after reboot went to MS and downloaded and installed same problem.



Ruchi Bisht

Do you get any specific error related to the issue?

Try the following steps:

1. Remove the Live e-mail account from Outlook

2. Close Outlook

3. Uninstall Outlook Connector from Add / Remove programs

4. Create a new Outlookprofile

5. Download and install the latest version ofOutlook Connector

6. Configure the e-mail account using the Outlook Connector

7. Restart Outlook and keep it idle, till the initial sync is complete

Ruchi Bisht


Yes... I tried it all, including doing the Uninstall-reboot-open Outlook(to see if Outlook Connector was still there)-close Outlook- install Outlook connector-open Outlook

Like previous posters, this problem only arose after installing the most recent update suggested by the automated updates.... since then, no joy...any real solutions yet? Anywhere where I can download the previous version of Outlook Connector still?


I am know working OK. Sometimes get some sync issues but I can live with that.

All I did was uninstall and re-install the connector and then everything seemed to spring into life.