Problem setting rules Full Access rights user bij Auto Mapping Shared mailboxes feature

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Remco Tiel


I've given myself Full Access rights on the mailbox of a user via the Auto Mapping Shared Mailboxes feature which works great!!

But I'm running into the following problem: because I used this solution the account of this user is not shown in My Account settings (File > Info > Account settings), therefor I'm not able to make rules inside the mailbox (File > Info > Manage Rules and Alerts) for this user unless I login to his mailbox. I think this is a bug or is this as designed?


Chris Scharff [MVP]

This is by design. One must log into the mailbox as the primary to set these features via Outlook. Most (many?) of these features can also be set via OWA if you don't want to muck with multiple Outlook profiles.
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