URGENT!! Outlook 2003 inbox problem please help

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Hi there

my boss has asked me to sort this, her emails are 'arranged by' date (newest at top) however they appear to look as if they have all been sent from her, rather than having the senders name they appear to have her (as the recipients name).

How do we fix this please? :eek:)

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Are you sure she's looking at the Inbox and not the Sent Items folder?

If so she probably has replaced the "FROM" field with the "TO" field. Click on where it says "TO" in the column header and drag down until you see a big black "X" over it then let go fo the mouse. That will remove the TO field from the view.

Then right-click one of the other headers (like subject or date) and select the "Field Chooser". Find FROM and drag/drop that onto the headers of the view.
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